AAG Complete PVC Curtain

AAG Complete PVC Curtain
AAG Complete PVC Curtain
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AAG Complete PVC Curtain

AAG offers finished / complete PVC strip curtains delivered on customer made measurements. Send your request with width and height of your opening, thickness and width of strips, overlap as well as need for installation in front of doorway or inside the doorrway to info@aag.world, and receive a quick offer suited your project. High quality at a good price and with short delivery time.

Strip Curtains are effective against drafts, dust, heat, cold and noise, while ensuring smooth workflow. At truck driving we recommend extra strong ribbed strip curtains, which make them much more durable. AAG strip curtains are available in widths of 200, 300 and 400 mm and comes with rail and bracket in stainless steel. An extremely simple system which is easy to install.

Strip curtains are superior in environments where you don't want to lose time with opening and closing gates, and at the same time when you need to  protect against heat / cold loss and dust. In addition to being the market's simplest solution, it is also the quickest to install. We also deliver slidable solutions. 


AAG focuses on good design, lasting solutions and product innovation. We help you developing individual solutions regardless the size of your project and across all industries. Common to our solutions is our focus on you and your specific needs. The goal is to provide you with competitive benefits and visible results.



AAG makes contact with the entire market of raw rubber to find the best suppliers. Our supplier and dealer network are constantly expanding, and at the same time we treasure and keep close relations with our good existing suppliers and dealers. In this way, you get the best and most competitive product range.