Anti-slip Flooring and Stair Treads

AAG has great knowledge about rubber flooring and anti-slip solutions. We offer various innovative, highquality solutions that increase comfort and safety. Our professional anti-slip products are used on slippery floors, wooden ramps, stairs and other
surfaces where they make sure that your floor, deck and stairs are safe. During the autumn and winter period, we often have to deal with unsuitable weather conditions. Elements like snow, ice and hail can lead to slippery surfaces. Sand and road salt are only a temporary solution for making the surfaces on cycle bridges, walkways, piers, outdoor stairs and wooden ramps safe. AAG offers various solutions that keep your floor or surface in perfect shape.

Our products within anti-slip flooring are manufactured from a strong polyester and are reinforced with fiberglass fibers with a molten aluminum grain. As a result this, the material is very light and easy to process. Furthermore, the material has a finishing with a strong and colourfast UV coating. Using these high quality materials makes the products very strong and resilient and they prove their worth every winter by making concrete floors, stairs, ramps and piers more safe to walk on as ice and snow do not attach to the product.

    AAG Anti-slip Flooring and Stair Treads