As main supplier to several electronics manufacturers, as well as subcontractors for electronical products, AAG offers a long line of products in technical rubber for use in the production of flat screens and monitors, telecom, speakers, development of high technology, measuring and testing equipment, information systems, alarm systems and the production of hardware or components for electronic devices/products. AAG can assist you in developing a solution suited your project and that meets the high demands of the market. With AAG as your partner, you are guaranteed both a personal and competitive solution.
Get a customised foam, plastic and rubber solutions from AAG. We focus on development and progress, and our objectives are to provide solid solutions and customer benefits. We prioritise the advantages, which make life easier for you and which are unique to AAG, whether it is flexibility, knowledge, innovation, delivery, price or competitiveness.
--- Solutions
Power isolation
Noise reduction
Production of electronics
--- Finished products
EMC / EMI gaskets