At AAG we are in constant motion with the transport industry. Whether you operate within road, rail or air, we are always looking for new opportunities to your benefit. With AAG as your business partner, you are ensured quality solutions at competitive prices and we are always present in the market with great insight og knowledge about transportation and logistics. AAG stocks a wide range of standard rubber products to be delivered overnight. At the same time we specialise in solutions that are suited your project, which ensure competitive benefits and visible results.
Get a customised foam, plastic and rubber solutions from AAG. We focus on development and progress, and our objectives are to provide solid solutions and customer benefits. We prioritise the advantages, which make life easier for you and which are unique to AAG, whether it is flexibility, knowledge, innovation, delivery, price or competitiveness.
--- Solutions
Caravans and trailers
Rail and train
Aeroplane and airport
--- Finished products
Ladder strap
Mud flaps natural rubber
Mud flaps plastic
Load securement
Regupol Cargo Mat 7210®
Transport protection
Blade stacker
Ballast mats
Anti-slip panels
Rail profiles