Ballast mats

Ballast mats
Ballast mats
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Ballast mats for railways

AAG offers ballast mats for railways that are vibration, sound and noise damping. Made of 15-50 mm SBR rubber, where a membrane is applied to one side of the mat for extra protection. The ballast mats are available in different variations and can be customised to your project. Ballast mats from AAG achieve the highest quality standards, certifications and technical documentation for use in railways.


  • Tramways and Underground under concrete slab or ballast.
  • Passengers railway or High-Speed railway under concrete slab or ballast.
  • Rail freight transport under ballast.


  • Drainage system with high mitigation performance.
  • Puncture resistant fabric pre-coupled.
  • Long durability and increase of the ballast life.
  • Reduced maintaninace cost.
  • Long-term durability and performances.
  • Customized solutions designed for each project.

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