Manufacturing and machinery industry

AAG has long tradition of providing technical rubber solutions for the manufacturing and machinery industry. Our solutions are widely used within the industry, from small forges to major Danish and international manufacturers. Collaboration and guidance has over the years been one of our core competencies. AAG offers customers professional advice and general guidance concerning the use of technical rubber in the industry all the way from the initial development and until the actual production process. AAG has a wide standard program, and we stock gaskets, seals and molded items. AAG also helps you in developing a solution tailored your specific project. No matter size of your project, we have the machinery to help you and we gladly set our production machinery at work to meet your needs.
Get a customised foam, plastic and rubber solutions from AAG. We focus on development and progress, and our objectives are to provide solid solutions and customer benefits. We prioritise the advantages, which make life easier for you and which are unique to AAG, whether it is flexibility, knowledge, innovation, delivery, price or competitiveness.
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Flat gaskets
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Conical mounts type A
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Vibration Insulators type KP
Rubber bellows
AAG Silicone Vacuum Cup 200 ST
AAG Silicone Vacuum Cup 500 ST
AAG Silicone Vacuum Cup 600 ST
Ribb mat 10 mm
Classic Plus mat 10 mm
Steel and metal coatings