AAG Bending Foil 0,6 MM

Bending foil 0,6 MM
Bending foil 0,6 MM
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AAG Bending foil for antiscratch bending of metal 

AAG offers bending foil in a durable quality for industrial use. Bending foil is used in connection with bending of metal, aluminum and stainless steel. Dimension 100/150x0,6 mm in rolls of 45 m. Select variant to see the different widths. 

Avoid marks on metal

With AAG Bending Foil, you are ensured a antiscratch bending of metal items, and at the same time you protect your tools. The bending foil is ment to be positioned between press brake tool and the bended metal item. In this way, you get bended items without marks, imprints or scratches. AAG offers bending foil in different thicknesses, widths and lengths according to individual needs. 

Advantages of using bending foil

There are many advantages of using bending foil, including: 

  • Protection of sensitive surfaces
  • Suited for steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Protects against scratches, imprints and marks
  • Long life and high resistance against wear
  • Highest tear strength
  • Higher temperatur range
  • High resistance against oil, grease and acids
  • Protects tools and machines

How to use bending foil

During bending of metal items, press brake machines and tools can easily leave marks and scratches on the surface of the material, which have to be removed afterwards in additional work causing additional costs. With AAG Bending Foil you can avoid or reduce the risk of this. According to the bended item and your bending tool, AAG offers different types of bending foils that all ensure maximum protection of the bended part. We recommend the following:
  • 0,4 mm film/bending foil for material thicknesses up to 1.0 mm thickness
  • 0,5 mm film/bending foil for material thicknesses from 1.0 mm to 2.5/3.0 mm thickness
  • From 0.8 mm film /bending foil for material thicknesses 3,0 mm to 6,0 mm thickness

Contact our sales department by mail info@aag.world or by phone +45 98 15 80 22 for a good offer on AAG Bending Foil or further information.


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