AAG is supplier of food grade rubber solutions used primarily to seal, insulate or silence in the food industry. AAG provides rubber products to the entire food industry e.g. dairies, slaughterhouses, fishing industries, horticultures, bakeries as well as the meat and beverage industry. AAG has extensive knowledge within norms and product standards for food, and we offer solutions that meet both the manufacturing, quality, processing and/or storage standards. We are your supplier of standard rubber products with overnight delivery and your business partner when you need a customised product. Our creative development team is ready to solve your needs regardless scope and size.
Get a customised foam, plastic and rubber solutions from AAG. We focus on development and progress, and our objectives are to provide solid solutions and customer benefits. We prioritise the advantages, which make life easier for you and which are unique to AAG, whether it is flexibility, knowledge, innovation, delivery, price or competitiveness.
--- Solutions
Food machinery
Food production
Drinking water
--- Finished products
AAG Silicone blue 60 Shore A
Teflon / PTFE
Silicone solid rubber profiles
AAG Silicone Vacuum Cup 200 ST
AAG Silicone Vacuum Cup 500 ST
AAG Silicone Vacuum Cup 600 ST
Nitrile Powder Free