AAG offers solutions in rubber for the entire construction industry. Whether you are a builder, architect, consultant, supplier, craftsman or contractor, there is always a need of technical rubber products. If you have a construction project within rebuilding and extensions, bridge and harbor, park or road or other, AAG is your supplier of high quality technical rubber products. No projects are too big or too small. Based on your drawings and specifications, we quickly make you an offer. With AAG as your partner, you are guaranteed a durable solution. We show you in the right direction and ensure more benefits at the same price. AAGs product range includes both standard and customised items.
Get a customised foam, plastic and rubber solutions from AAG. We focus on development and progress, and our objectives are to provide solid solutions and customer benefits. We prioritise the advantages, which make life easier for you and which are unique to AAG, whether it is flexibility, knowledge, innovation, delivery, price or competitiveness.
--- Solutions
Modular building
Steel construction
--- Finished products
AAG EPDM 60 Shore A
AAG EPDM Green Evo Star
Sound insulation
AAG Complete PVC Curtain
Expanding foam tape
EPDM Strip
Alubutyl sealing
Cut rubber without adhesive
Cut rubber with adhesive
Flat gaskets
Non-metallic gaskets
Semi-Metallic Gaskets
Metallic gaskets
Pipe sealings
V-Max Pot Bearings
Highway Expansion Joints
Ottoseal S27
Ottoseal S94