V-Max Pot Bearings

V-Max Pot Bearings
V-Max Pot Bearings
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V-Max Pot Bearings

AAG offers V-Max Pot Bearings. V-Max Pot Bearings are designed to carry combinations of vertical and horizontal loads, longitudinal and transversal movements and rotations. They are used in road and railway bridges in steel and concrete.
V-Max can withstand big loads and simultaneous large deformation in any direction, while allowing for minor rotations (<0.03 rad) in any of the bearing’s axes. A completely encased natural rubber pad is positioned in a steel pot. Under high pressure the pad behaves like a liquid. The elasticity of the rubber allows tilting movement (rotation) of the piston in the horizontal axis. Movement capacity is obtained by coupling a sheet of a low friction material (for example PTFE) with a stainless steel surface.

Depending on the configuration, they can accommodate horizontal loads as well as movements in longitudinal or/and transversal directions.This kind of bearing can withstand vertical loads of up to 100.000 kN.

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