Anti-vibration mats

With AAG anti-vibration mats in durable rubber, you get a vibration-damping surface for machines that emit vibrations and noise through the floor. By placing the anti-vibration mat under the machine the grooved pattern of the mat, absorb the vibrations and noise. In addition, the anti-vibration mats ensure a more stacked position of the machine.

In addition to industrial machines, the vibration mats are usable as a base for washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers. For this purpose, you will gain several benefits. In addition to reducing vibration and reducing the noise level by centrifugation, the machine is protected and the mats provide a non-slip surface when installing a tumble dryer on a washing machine.

AAG offers anti-vibration mats in different sizes, thicknesses and hardnesses.
Anti-vibration mat 45 Shore A
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Anti-vibration mat 70 Shore A
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