AAG offers bearings in accordance with EU standards EN 1337-3, EN 1337-5, EN 1337-7, EN 1337-8. All types can be delivered with CE marking.

EN 1337-3 includes ordinary reinforced elastomer bearings.
EN 1337-5 includes the so-called Pot Bearings. 
EN 1337-7 includes spherical bearings.
EN 1337-8 includes bearings, side guides and restraints.

In addition to the bearings mentioned above, AAG offers unreinforced rubber bearings N15 and N20 as well as ordinary neoprene cut to size for use as interlining and seals. AAG can help you already during the design phase.

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V-Max Pot Bearings
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Highway Expansion Joints
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Cut neoprene
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