Rubber granulate

AAG offers black rubber granulate, which is a loose, homogeneous and uniform rubber material extracted from used tires by means of granulation and cleaning. Rubber granules are primarily used for playground surfaces, sports and running tracks as well as artificial turf pitches. AAG Rubber Granules are manufactured in high quality and comply with EU standards EN 1176 and EN 1177 for surface elasticity, which public playgrounds must comply with.

Rubber granules are a good alternative to base layers such as sand, gravel and wood chips. It is much easier to keep clean, and problems with e.g. hidden, left-behind needles, broken glass and faeces from cats and dogs can thus be avoided. Rubber granulate is a shock-absorbing rubber material that ensures a softer surface. It is therefore ideal for base layers on playgrounds, where it is inevitable that children during play fall and hurt themselves sometimes.

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