Farming machinery and equipment

Rubber solutions from AAG are targeted housing equipment, machinery, silos, feeds, systems, spare parts etc. Limited only by imagination. AAG currently supply unique solutions for many aspects of the farming and agriculture industry, for instance you can find rubber profiles, gaskets, blankets, sheets, moldings, PVC curtains and much more across the industry. Standard products are delivered day by day, and we are always ready to assist you in developing an individual product suited you and your project.   
--- Finished products
Flat gaskets
Non-metallic gaskets
Semi-Metallic Gaskets
Metallic gaskets
Moulded gaskets
Rubber bellows
AAG Silicone Vacuum Cup 200 ST
AAG Silicone Vacuum Cup 500 ST
AAG Silicone Vacuum Cup 600 ST
Steel and metal coatings