Solid rubber

AAG offers rolls of solid rubber sheeting directly from our warehouse. It is also possible to get a cutting suited your needs. Rubber sheeting can be used as gaskets, seals, membranes, interposition etc. and are available in many different versions depending on material requirements. Rubber sheeting can be oil and chemical resistant, food and beverage approved, UV resistant and so on. There are several of qualities, thicknesses and dimensions. At AAG, you find a solution that fits your needs and meets the specifications your project requires.
--- Neoprene rubber sheeting
--- Nitrile rubber sheeting
AAG Nitrile 65 Shore A
--- EPDM rubber sheeting
AAG EPDM 60 Shore A
AAG EPDM Green Evo Star
--- Silicone rubber sheeting
AAG Silicone blue 60 Shore A