AAG EPDM Rubber 60 Shore A - E1442

AAG EPDM 60 Shore A
AAG EPDM 60 Shore A
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AAG EPDM Rubber 60 Shore A - E1442

Solid rubber sheeting in EPDM rubber from AAG. Hardness 60 +/-5 Shore A. A UV-resistant rubber quality that is suitable for both wind, water and weather. At the same time the quality is base and acid resistant. Heigh quality. See also data sheet. The rubber sheeting can be punched and cut in all dimensions and shapes and added various double-sided adhesive tapes.

This EPDM is flame resistant referring to DIN EN 45545 part 2 : 2016-02, which can be used for gaskets. AAG EPDM rubber sheeting is furthermore in accordance with EU classification og 95/28/EG and US-FMVSS 302.



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