High load flooring

AAG offers a tough, flexible and modern flooring solution that creates a cleaner, warmer and better looking environment. The tiles are extremely strong and suited for high loads from heavy machinery and at the same time they are ergonomic, chemical resistant and excellent wear properties. The high load flooring is available with four different surface structures and in a wide range of colors making them perfect to color-code different zones in a room or in a workplace. The tiles are warmer and softer than concrete and traditional tiles and are available with corners and edges with the opportunity to make a defined area. Installation is easily and quickly done without any molding or gluing, which reduce the installation time and costs significantly. The tiles are used in e.g. warehouses and production facilities, factories, car workshops, offices, warehouses, sports facilities, fitness centers, trade fairs and exhibition halls, public buildings, garages, laboratories and control rooms, police headquarters, airports, schools, day care centers, shops and private homes.
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