AAG Tiles for fitness

Tiles for fitness
Tiles for fitness
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AAG Tiles for fitness

Focusing on key words safety and security AAG Tiles for fitness help to reduce accidents and injuries significantly in fitness centers, ensuring a safer environment for wet and slippery areas. At the same time the tiles protects the existing floor from high load and heavy weights, making sure that the existing floor take no damage. The tiles are available in many different colors and thicknesses and provides a unique and different design. You can choose to install the tiles as a complete solution in the entire gym, or you can choose a more unique solution where a selected corner or area is covered with tiles eg around highly loaded weight areas. The finish your area with bevelled edges for a nice finish. The tiles are high compressed, non-slip and durable tiles in granules from natural rubber. Dimension 500x500 mm. Thicknesses of 40 or 45 mm. Colour red brown, green, black or anthracite.

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