AAG is proud to provide quality solutions within rubber, foam and plastic to industries worldwide. We always focus on outstanding design, sustainable solutions and superior product development. AAG helps our customers in developing customised solutions across all industries. Common to them all is our focus on individual needs. With AAG on the team, you are guaranteed a professional task clarification, research and analysis as well as creative support for product development that provides you with the right individual task clarification.

Below you find a wide selection of AAG cases.
Dock gaskets for Orskov Yard
Aalborg Hospital
Renovation of draw rollers
CE-certified bearings
Royal Arena
The Maersk Group
Rescue ladders for ports
Sub C
Polyurethane Clamps
D-fenders large feeding fleets
Transport protection - blades
Special gaskets for TPs
Paddock plates
Polyurethane Clamps
PUR Coating  for rollercoasters
Suction pads
Fender pads
Rubber sealing
--- Cases agriculture
M22 mats for piglet cabins
Mats for farrowing crates
Organic luxury cabins
Hojgaard Horse Hospital
Rider Thomas Sandgaard
Complete solution for cattle
Scraper flooring