The Maersk Group

Maersk is a global leader in transportation and logistics and AAG have good cooperation with several of the divisions within The Maersk Group, which include Drilling, Oil & Gas, Containers, Tankers, Medical, Supply Service, The Maersk Line and several foreign divisions as well. We are proud of our collaboration with Denmark's biggest company. Read more about our solutions to Maersk below the case.
The Maersk Group
The Maersk Group
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Fenders on containerships

AAG is the supplier of large fenders for Maersk's container ships both standard fenders from stock with urgent delivery as well as custom-made fenders tailored each project. Fenders have been developed to withstand shock loads, thereby avoiding unnecessary damage to both ships and port. 

Gaskets, profiles and sealing

Whether the need is to seal or protect, AAG deliver gaskets, sealings and moldings for The Maersk Group. Selecting both standard products from stock as well as individual solutions from our product range with short delivery time. But always with the same high quality.

Matts and flooring

Insulating mats for use in front of electrical panels on container ships is important to Maersk, these are specially designed to prevent electrical shock around power lines or other electrical equipment such as fuse boxes or control panels. Placed in front of electrical panels, switchgear, motor control centres or other high voltage equipment to ensure personal protection. They are also tested and approved to VDE 0303-21: 1999. Also delivering ergonomic workplace mats with focus on a great workplace environment.


Strip Curtains from our own production with short lead times, high quality and great value. Strip Curtains are used effectively against drafts, dust, heat, cold and noise, while ensuring a smooth flow. Delivered on custom made measurements and provided as complete set with strips, rails and brackets.


With a focus on protection both at sea, during transportation and at the various workplaces at Maersk, AAG provide lists, buffers, chocks, storage solutions and vibration dampers for the Maersk Group.


AAG focuses on good design, lasting solutions and product innovation. We help you developing individual solutions regardless the size of your project and across all industries. Common to our solutions is our focus on you and your specific needs. The goal is to provide you with competitive benefits and visible results.



AAG makes contact with the entire market of raw rubber to find the best suppliers. Our supplier and dealer network are constantly expanding, and at the same time we treasure and keep close relations with our good existing suppliers and dealers. In this way, you get the best and most competitive product range.