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Lamons gaskets

At AAG we offer various metal gaskets, semi-metal and Non-metallic gaskets from Lamons. Lamons standard metal gaskets are manufactured in accordance to API 6A, API 17D and ASME B16.20 specifications. Semi-metallic gaskets is made of soft and pliable sealing materials, which enhance the tightness of the assembly with lower overall load requirements compared to full metallic gaskets. Non-metallic gaskets are manufactured in a gasket material, which makes it easy to compress under a low bolt load. It is a soft gasket, which differs from metallic gaskets.

In addition, AAG offers insulation kits for flange joints. The Sleeves & Washers insulation kit is typically used with flange gaskets, and completes an insulation kit for a flange assembly.
Non-metallic gaskets
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Semi-Metallic Gaskets
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Metallic gaskets
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