Walber Equestrain

Walber Equestrian is Scandinavia's leading supplier of riding bases and housing equipment for stables and riding arenas, and is owned by the professional rider Kim Kristensen. He is also the owner of the stable "Baekgaarden" in Skanderborg, where AAG have had several stable mats tested in order of developing new and innovative solutions for the horse industry. 
Walber Equestrian / Baekgaarden
Walber Equestrian / Baekgaarden
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The cooperation with Walber Equestrian was built around the development of new extra soft mats for horse boxes, where several different stable mats was tested at Baekgaarden and their professional horses. In addition, AAG delivered impressive unique rubber tiles for the horsewalker. Double T tiles are durable and a long lasting solution with a unique design in red that suited Baekgaardens red colors. The tiles guarantee a unique and different look, while safety and comfort are still highly valued. The beautiful horse walker has been used as a showcase, and AAG subsequently supplied horsewalker solutions for many other Danish stables, training centers and riding facilities.


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