AAG M22 insulating mats for piglet cabins

AAGs bestseller og most popular solution for piglet cabins, M22 Comfort, has already taken pig farmers by storm. The insulating and dimensionally stable mat ensures energy savings up to 100%, retains heat and ensures a more even heat distribution for piglets. The mat can replace floor heating or ensure a reduction of heating costs - depending on the construction of your barn. At the same time, it is possible to replace heating lamps of 150 W to 100 W. Read more about the project below.
M22 mats for piglet cabins
M22 mats for piglet cabins
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AAG M22 Comfort has undergone a long-term test by pig farmers. The mat has a life expectancy of 10 years, and documentation shows a return on investment of approx. 1 year. The development of the mat is endorsed by the Danish Pig Research Centre. For example has pig farmer Rune Nielsen from Skalfarms in northern Jutland in Denmark layed M22 Comfort mats in his 412 farrowing crates saving him 145,000 kWh per year equalling to EURO 12,000 per annum. AAG M22 Comfort is 1600x900x22 mm, but AAG offers to cut all mats to fit precisely to the individual piglet cabins/creeps. Easy and fast laying / installation.

With AAG as your partner we take on costs of electricity and heat, while the savings benefit the environment as well. It makes a difference!


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