AAG delivers cut vibrafoam for the construction industry

Cut vibrafoam for construction
Cut vibrafoam for construction
  • Productno.: Vibrafoam til byggeri
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AAG has delivered cut vibrafoam to a customer who needed the product for a construction project.

The customer wanted a material that was sound and vibration damping. By choosing our vibrafoam, the customer gets a material that is sound-insulating, which creates a good and calm sound level.

In addition to the requirement that it should be sound and vibration damping, the customer also had a requirement for size and quality. The vibrafoam should be applied to beams, and was therefore cut to specific dimensions. In this case, we used our splitter machine, which always delivers a clean and precise cut in the material.

As the vibrafoam must be installed in areas where there are different loads, different requirements are also set for the material. In places where the load is greatest, a harder material is used. The customer wanted the material in four different hardnesses and qualities. The four different qualities can be seen by the different colors of the material, which illustrate the load capacity of the product.

There are 13 different variants of vibrafoam that can withstand loads from 0.01 to 1.9 N / mm² (MPa).

Vibrafoam is produced in thicknesses of 12.5 mm or 25 mm and comes as standard in sheets of 2000x500 mm. The material can withstand temperatures from -30° to +70°.

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