JB Sportshorses

AAG has been in the stable and visiting JB Sportshorses with Julie Bjerregaard. Julie runs a sales, training and competition stable. She is competing on national and international level. To maintain the horses nice and in good shape, it is important that the horses always have the best stable environment in order to perform optimally.
JB Sportshorses
JB Sportshorses
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JB Sportshorses has for many years used rubber mats from AAG, as the mats give the horses good comfort in the boxes.
At JB Sportshorses, they have chosen to put puzzle mats in the bottom of the boxes. The mats are a simple solution that is easy to assemble. They are assembled like a jigsaw puzzle over a smooth surface, where the joints prevent the mats from moving and create unevenness in the surface. The mats are a durable and non-slip solution, which helps to reduce the cost of bedding.

To protect horses and equipment, wall plates have also been installed in the boxes and in the washing area. By mounting wall plates on hard surfaces, you reduce the risk of leg injuries and at the same time give the horse the optimal protection.


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