Protection of wind turbine blades

Protection of wind turbine blades
Protection of wind turbine blades
  • Productno.: Beskyttelse af vindmøllevinger
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At AAG, we are busy helping new and existing customers in the wind industry. Among other things, we are responsible for mounting rubber on transport equipment, lifting gear and production equipment. The unique properties of the rubber prevent the wind turbine blades from being damaged during production or shipping. The rubber creates a non-slip, shock-absorbing and protective surface for the wings, so they do not get scratched or bent.

There are a wealth of rubber qualities and the options are many when it comes to creating a protective surface. We have more than 90 years of experience in rubber, foam and plastic and a great knowledge in solutions for the wind industry. With the help of our skilled specialists, we develop solutions that meet the requirements within the industry.

When we handle tasks for our wind customers, flexibility and credibility are important parameters for us. That is why our adaptable production offers to carry out the assembly work at the customer's or in our own production.

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