AAG Reinforced Elastomer Bearings

AAG Reinforced Elastomer Bearings
AAG Reinforced Elastomer Bearings
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AAG Reinforced Elastomer Bearings

AAG Reinforced Elastomer Bearings are used for supporting of bridges and similar constructions. The reinforced elastomer bearings proved a safe, reliable and maintenance-free supporting of bridges and similiar constructions for more than 30 years. They transmit heavy vertical loads and compensate for tangential deviations as well as translational displacements with low resistance in the bearing area.

The special structure of elastomer bearings has vulcanized reinforcement plates that ensure a safe, reliable and maintenance-free transmission of heavy vertical loads from net weight and work load. At the same time compensation is made for tangential deviations from e.g. bends as well as translational displacements from, for instance, thermal changes through the small resistance of the elastomer to deformation.

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