AAG Unreinforced Elastomer Bearings

AAG Unreinforced Elastomer Bearings
AAG Unreinforced Elastomer Bearings
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  • Compression Testing of Load Bearing Mats 

AAG Unreinforced Elastomer Bearings

AAG Unreinforced elastomer bearings are predominantely used for supporting girders, beams and the like where it is a matter of static loads. They ensure a controlled load distribution and enable stress-free horizontal movements as well as twisting in supports. They prevent excessive load eccentricities and edge compression. At the same time, unevenness and deviations from parallelism in bedding surfaces are compensated.

We offer our N1859 Neoprene rubber sheeting with a compressive strength of 6 MPa in accordance with ISO 7743-A. The sheeting can be punched and cut in all dimensions and shapes.

In addition, we offer AAG Unreinforced elastomer bearings N15 and N20, which are manufactured in 5, 10, 15 and 20 mm thickness. The smaller side should be at least five times the bearing thickness. The bearing must be placed within the static reinforcement of the adjacent components present in the concrete. 

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