AAG Welding Curtain Type 500

AAG Welding Curtain Type 500
AAG Welding Curtain Type 500
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    AAG Welding Curtain on castors

    AAG offers welding curtains on castors in tear resistant and flame-resistant material. AAG Welding Curtain Type 500 is usable for shielding against welding and cutting light. The welding curtain is tested and approved in accordance to DIN EN 1598. You get effective shielding against ultraviolet rays and light and thus increasing safety and security at work. It is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution.


    Height: 1900mm 
    Width: 4115mm 
    PVC screen: 3pk (15 strips) x EN1598 Curtain
    Color: Red or green
    Curtain attachment: Rings and click fastening
    Frame: 4 castors (2 lockable)
    Assembly: Bolt-fixing
    Replacement parts available: Yes 
    Gross weight: 25,5 kg  

    AAG also offers customized welding curtains. Contact AAG by mail info@aag.world or by phone +45 98 15 80 22 for a good offer or more information.


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