Bino fender 

Bino fender
Bino fender
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Bino fender 

AAG offers Bino fenders in the durable material PVC .Our fenders for boats are covered by four world patents and distinguished by the extraordinary innovation in mounting systems. Boat fenders must not only protect the entire boat upon collision or unmooring, but also be an excellent sealant for the hull deck while strengthening fibreglass joints. Adequate measurement proportional to the size and weight of the boat will guarantee all these protections. Thanks to the innovative patents and ease of assembly, you will be able to replace your old fender in quick and easy steps. 

Bino is available in the dimensions 40, 65 and 90 mm. 40 mm is packed in rolls of 24 mtrs, while 65 and 90 mm is packed in rolls of 12 mtrs. Bino 40 is installed without steel bar, while steel bar is recommended for installation of 65 and 90. Bino fenders are available in three colors – black, white and light grey. Further Bino is available with lip, which normally covers the gap between deck and hull.

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