About AAG

AAG | Aalborg Gummivarefabrik A/S is one of Denmark's leading suppliers of technical rubber, plastic and foam solutions across the industries of wind energy, oil & gas, maritime, transport, construction, manufacturing & machinery industry, electronics, ventilation (HVAC), agriculture, food, medical and health & sport. AAG develops, sells and produces technical rubber products and with over 90 years of experience, our innovative and customized solutions gives you more benefits in one solution.

Rubber is a natural product with simple properties, but added useful knowledge from AAG, you receive a complete solution that meets your needs and requirements. AAG is much more than rubber. We have a wide knowledge in technical rubber and great knowhow of your industry, which enables us to give you a unique service to solve your project.

Quality is a key word at AAG, and therefore you experience high standards at all levels when cooperating with AAG. We emphasize representing quality both internally and externally. The same standards are also applicable for our solutions. At AAG you are ensured that solutions fully meet market norms and standards and have long durability and longevity.

AAG focuses on outstanding design and durable solutions and in close coorperation between you and AAG product developers and industrial designers create and develop solutions based on your wishes and needs. When developing new or existing solutions, our emphasis is on function, ergonomics, context, material and aesthetics. We use leading design programs to prepare technical documents or drawings, and we also offer you production of prototypes and models.

We are here to help you and you can contact us regardless of project scope. Flexibility and teamwork are important to us and we adapt to your workflow. AAG always has a sales representative near you, and we step in whenever you need it.
You are guaranteed a responsible and reliable business partner together with solid and innovative solutions. You can trust AAG - confidentiality is of paramount importance to us.

AAG contacts the entire market of raw rubber material in order to find the best suppliers both locally and internationally. Our supplier and dealer network are constantly expanding, but at the same time we hold on to valuable suppliers, making sure that you are always offered the best and most competitive solutions.