In connection with extracting crude oil there exits a need for durable and flexible solutions to secure tight sealing of oil pipelines. AAG manufactures many different rubber gaskets and rubber sealings for this purpose. Both gaskets and sealings come in many various dimensions and thicknesses according to customer needs. In addition, we deliver rubber sheeting that easily can be used as e.g. fillers or covering of pumps, machines and engines. The products are produced in Nitrile and are both oil and chemical resistant. 

Furthermore, AAG offers a long line of different bellows for usage in connection with moving machine parts. Rubber bellows protect against physical contact and screen for the access of particles and foreign objects to mechanical components thus heightening the safety of people and protection of machines. 
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AAG focuses on good design, lasting solutions and product innovation. We help you developing individual solutions regardless the size of your project and across all industries. Common to our solutions is our focus on you and your specific needs. The goal is to provide you with competitive benefits and visible results.



AAG makes contact with the entire market of raw rubber to find the best suppliers. Our supplier and dealer network are constantly expanding, and at the same time we treasure and keep close relations with our good existing suppliers and dealers. In this way, you get the best and most competitive product range.