AAG Flex reduction coupling

Flex reduction coupling
Flex reduction coupling
  • Productno.: 16E273-44075M
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AAG Flex reduction coupling

AAG Flex reduction coupling is used for assembling pipes, where the size of the pipes or pipe parts to be assembled is significantly different. The reduction coupling is made of EPDM and is leak-free at constant working temperatures up to 60 degrees C. The strong clamping and shear bands are made of stainless steel (316), and constructed in high corrosion, as well as contaminated soil areas and marine environments.

When fitted correctly, the coupling is designed for a service life of 100 years, which is longer than many pipes. The couplings can be used both underground and above ground, without additional protection.

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121-136 X 100-115mm -  Item number: 16E273-44075
135-152 X 110-115 mm - Item number: 16E273-44061
170-192 X 144-160 mm - Item number: 16E273-44079
200-225 X 160-175 mm - Item number: 16E273-44080


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