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AAG is exclusive distributor of Sorbothane

AAG offers Sorbothane which is a proprietary visco-elastic material that has been specified by engineers worldwide for over three decades. Sorbothane is a highly damped polymeric solid that “flows” like a liquid under load. In many applications and laboratory tests Sorbothane has achieved shock absorption levels of up to 94.7%.

Sorbothane stays stable over a broad temperature range, enabling it to isolate damaging vibration and attenuate impact shock in many varied conditions. Its near faultless memory ensures a return to original shape, even after repeated compressions. Sorbothane is ideal for engineering design applications requiring shock absorption, vibration isolation and acoustic damping. 

Sorbothane is produced in a durometer range from 25-85 Shore 00 and is therefore considered a super soft polyurethane.


  • Sorbothane has a low creep rate compared to other polymers.
  • Sorbothane has a superior damping coefficient, over a very wide temperature range compared to any other polymers.
  • Unlike fluid-based shock absorbers or foam products, Sorbothane absorbs shock efficiently for millions of cycles.
  • Sorbothane eliminates the need for metal springs to return the system to its equilibrium position after absorbing a shock.

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