AAG Tec 10 Entrance Mat

Tec 10 Entrance Mat
Tec 10 Entrance Mat
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AAG Tec 10 Entrance Mat

Due to the closed construction Tec 10 offers the maximum amount of safety and cleanliness. The important advantage of Tec 10 is its low overall height. A profile height of 8 mm and a total height of 10 mm or 12 mm offer completely new perspectives regarding its utilization. Tec 10 can be integrated in a floor-depression but more importantly enables you to lay the mat »on top« - directly on existing floor coverings. This is an unbeatable advantage. In case of renovations or supplementary integration there is no necessity to chisel open the floor. Individual shaping is a great advantage of Tec 10. Almost every shape, even triangles, can be realized. Thus, Tec 10 becomes the first choice when the matting system is to be integrated in the architectural design of an entrance area. The mats can not only be produced in any shape, depending on its size, but it is also possible to manufacture mats consisting of several pieces. After assembly the connections of the individual pieces are not noticeable.

Closed surface • various fittings • combination of fittings available • »on top« installation • highly durable • easy to clean • all types of arc cuts • weatherproof • rollable • transportable in segments • functional dirt removal • singular replaceable profiles

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