AAG PE (HD) 500 sheets

PE (HD) 500 sheets
PE (HD) 500 sheets
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AAG PE (HD) 500 sheets

AAG offers PE (HD) sheets with a density of 500 in the colors of nature (white), green and black. PE (HD) 500 sheets are available in different dimensions and thicknesses. PEHD is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic opaque with a good resistance to many chemicals and moisture. PE has a high impact strength and insulation properties.

The product has been tested in accordance with EU directives for food suitable products. The entire production of PE (HD) complies with regulation (EC) No 2023/2006-GMP-Good-Manufacturing Practice.


  • PEE (HD) 500 sheets are used in many different industries:
  • Machine building
  • Bottle and beverage
  • Packaging and food
  • Agricultural technology and agricultural machinery
  • Chemical and paper
  • Electronics
  • Transport technology
  • Pulp and mining
  • Offshore / harbor construction
  • Load and work carriers


  • Water and acid resistant
  • High impact strength
  • High insulation properties
  • Food suitable
  • Easy to clean

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